my story

Many years ago I had an addiction. My 2 month old marriage was already on the rocks, I had been fired from my job, we were living in a low rent apartment, with others in the same boat and my boat was sinking fast.  My husband sat me down one night and said, I am not happy, we need to do something. I had known there was a God in heaven and I firmly believed in him. I worked with someone who was different, like they didn't have religion but had a true experience. She had given me hope. I had already tried religion, and it failed. I needed something more. Here is where I met God, and I mean truly met God.
He rescued me and I was given a second chance in life. He cleaned me up and fast. Within a couple of months my addiction was gone, really gone--forever. Not only that, he started restoring my mind and my health. I have been sober for 33 years now. I have been with the same husband (though poor guy has put up with a lot), raised 2 beautiful daughters and have two wonderful sons in laws, and 3 fabulous grand children. I am so lucky to be able to live a life like this.
This blog is dedicated to God. I want to honor him every single day in praise and song, although I will have to sing in my heart because that is a talent God chose not to give me. However he did give me the ability to do art, design and photography. So I am going to use what he has given me to honor him. I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I am going to enjoy this journey.

                                                                   Karen L. Sanders
                                                                   Child of God, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Artist